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Hello! My name is Phil and I am a regular silver buyer. Some would say that I should not tell to everyone…. But hey, I discovered that anyone telling positive predictions or just saying good things about silver is ACTUALY STACKING SOME. So don’t bother trying to stash it secretly guys, we saw you!!

That said, my self-assigned mission in this Blog is ; To share my passion of this fascinating precious metal with you in this little corner of the internet, I will let information go in and out frenquetly about silver investments, physical silver prices and rates etc. I will not try to teach you guys anything but only share what I know and stay opened to any rectifications to be made. I also hope that some daring ones will participate and honor us with their knowledge, I think anyone would take advantage of it.

Until my blog is fully constructed, please yourself and enjoy this presentation from buy silver coins on the spot price. Educate yourself on physical silver investments.

Posté par Metal Silver – Argent Métal sur lundi 26 octobre 2015


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